Loved through the Gift of Eucharistic Adoration

Glances, prayers, smiles, tears, sighs…oh yes, these and many more communications take place in the silence…

by M. J. Joachim

Quite by accident, I discovered there is a new Perpetual Adoration Chapel around the corner from my home recently. It’s impossible to explain the innermost feelings of my heart, when visiting with Jesus and praying to Him in this way. Adoration is one of those Catholic things, the ones you have to experience in the conversion of your heart to understand.

People break each other. We push each other to places no human being should ever go – and then, we judge, justify and move on. It’s not noble to do this; it’s actually quite cowardly. And yet, it’s what we do. When all is said and done, someone is left licking their wounds. Someone else claims victory – another chapter in one of life’s all too familiar stories.

It is the story of an outcast – someone denied love and acceptance for no other reason than another person’s superiority complex and pride. Jesus knew it well. He lived it during His ministry.

There are those who throw stones, and those who get tired of catching and being hit by them. Quite often, people experience a little bit of both ends of this spectrum in their lives. They play the part of bully and victim in turn. Some people, however, take on a given role. They become a magnet for rejection, fitting into the role of outcast all too well, while those who play the role of bully get ever more creative in their methods of bringing victims down.

Adoration is neutral ground, as it were…only so much better. Love is present, and all you have to do is be there. This isn’t the love of man, complete with flaws and “how to fix yourself” advice. This is love that knows you as you are, accepts you for everything you’ve ever done or will do, embraces you and lifts you up when people can’t or won’t; it is a love that understands you more than you will ever understand yourself.

So many people are broken by rejection from their fellow man. They are categorized as unworthy, deemed unfit and most assuredly made to feel unwelcome and unwanted. The standard response and one of the most common pat answers it that it’s jealousy; don’t try to tell that to the person being rejected. They’ll surely argue the point, and on good grounds too, considering they’re the one who’s labeled “not good enough.”

Love experienced in adoration has the power to heal both the person rejecting and the person being rejected. It lifts visitors up, providing a peace that penetrates the very depths of each soul. No audible words are exchanged. Glances, prayers, smiles, tears, sighs…oh yes, these and many more communications take place in the silence…Heaven on earth, as it were – a whole lot of love that lifts you up and promises never to let you go. All you have to do is quiet your soul and be present with Him.

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