Adultery – One of Marriage’s Great Travesties

Does it even matter why? Adultery hurts marriages and families.

by  M. J. Joachim 
Adultery is one of those human issues that really doesn’t make sense. Men are as guilty of it as women, though somehow, they don’t get branded with the same proverbial scarlet letter. For them it’s more of a badge of honor in many circumstances, a highlight on women’s weakness to fall for “a real man,” as it were, even though he is clearly off limits because he is married. Double standards always get the better of me, particularly when they favor one group over another without any accurate reason at all.
The circular battle ensues. Men blame women for being such attractive eye candy and women blame men for being pigs. Meanwhile, the faithful wife or husband plays dumb, is dumb or just doesn’t care enough to muddy the waters of his or her respective marriage.  Denial comes in handy, especially when kids are involved. However, denial can’t escape trust issues every time the unfaithful spouse claims to have a business meeting, talks too much (and too giddy-like) about a particular person they’ve met or gets extremely annoyed when their husband or wife attempts to light the fires of their marriage.
The kids (if there are any) witness the most absurd modeling of marriage ever to confound them. Family life is one big lightning rod, where everything intensifies, no one is truly happy and the slightest little thing can put everyone’s life on a collision course destined for no return. All because one spouse started finding fault with another, sought sympathy from an unsuspecting friend (turned ally), committed adultery and broke the sacred bonds of marriage under the pretense of being misunderstood, underappreciated or any host of other excuses that should never be offered when one so deviously interrupts the course of their family’s life in the name of …

Does it even matter why, good people? Is there any reason valid enough to excuse such an act against all family members destined to grow together, and build relationships that are supposed to be based on trust and founded in love?

To be clear, this article is about adultery, not divorce. It is about cheating, lying and deceitful acts against one’s spouse and their family that is still very much in tact, a family striving and hoping to see the other side of rough patches as they present themselves, and willing to overcome all obstacles in their path.

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