Signs of Falling in Love

Slips of the tongue, twisted words and embarrassing admissions come willy-nilly and fast and furious when love strikes.

by Glory Lennon

People can be so funny, especially when they are falling in love. It’s like that old Bonnie Raitt song. They stand just a little too close. They stare just a little too long.  They laugh just a little too loud. Yes, we are seeing something they don’t see. We are seeing the signs of someone falling in love. For most of us it’s a hoot to watch!

You may be asking, “What are the signs of someone falling in love?” They vary, of course, from person to person and woman to man. In general they are easy to spot and hilarious to witness. Let’s see if you don’t remember doing some of these things when you were finding love perhaps for the first time.

The Dreamy Gaze

For men the dreamy gaze is virtually unblinking. As men need to blink far less than women, they tend to look like crazed stalkers which may discombobulate some ladies when they first see this directed at them. For women, they tend to gaze blinking often and slowly giving them a fluttering/ batting eyelashes look which men, for whatever reason, find irresistible.

The Goofy Grin

Men will make utter fools of themselves when falling in love and the goofy grin that comes over their faces when they get their lady love to laugh for the first time is priceless to witness.  In women it is more like an expression of total rapture. Their skin glows, their eyes sparkle, pupils dilate and they smile ever-so-sweetly completely unaware how becoming love looks on them.

The Breathless Dizzies

Remember to breathe people, especially when you find yourself falling in love. It’s rather important, yet it’s the one thing we all seem to forget to do when love is in the air. You’d think Cupid was sucking all the oxygen out of the room just to make us dizzy, but it really is us just forgetting to use our lungs.

The Nervous Twitch

Even the most confident among us have come down with bouts of nerves when we are falling in love. We get jittery, our palms sweat, hearts quicken and clothing somehow feels uncomfortably warm and too snug and all because we really are starting to like that person across the way. We long to be close to them and yet we are scared to death as well.

The Perfect Posture

Nothing improves posture as well as a good dose of love. Men stand up straighter, chest out, stomach in, shoulders back, head held high. Throw in a Drill Sargent and they’d be ready for the Marines. Women also throw their chest out, their shoulders down and back unconsciously throwing their curves into better silhouette, but they tend to lean forward, as if unwilling to miss one syllable from their guy’s lips and to get a little closer. An eager female is so becoming to a man.

The Taciturn/ Chatterbox

Men may speak more or less than usual when the love bug bites. Women aimlessly chatter or sit in mute fascination listening to every boring word spewing from their guy.

The Twisted Tongue

This goes along with the Taciturn/Chatterbox but adds an element of fun when those falling in love try to speak before their brains tell them it is, in fact, okay to do so. Slips of the tongue, twisted words and embarrassing admissions come willy-nilly and fast and furious when love strikes. More often than not, this will become an endearing aspect to the intended, which may serve to have them fall hopelessly in love, too.

These are just a few obvious signs of someone falling in love. There are others and strangely enough even as times have changed, people finding love haven’t. In fact, things haven’t changed much since day one. If you want some entertainment watch your friends when you suspect them falling in love. You’ll never laugh so much!


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