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Benefits of Hobbies and Why We Need Them

Hobbies promote health and well-being in society, both individually and on a community level as well.

by M. J. Joachim

Hobbies, on the surface, might seem like a rather trite and trivial thing – something one does to prevent boredom from creeping in and overtaking the senses. However, upon closer inspection, hobbies prove to be wonderful activities that not only occupy our free time, but also help us considerably reduce stress, build community, foster relationships, educate large numbers of people and enhance culture in rewarding and unexpected ways

Let’s take a look at look at some hobbies and the people who do them in this article. It’s a chance to share some exciting things, encourage you about your own hobby, inspire you to become more familiar with a hobby you’re already acquainted with, but never actually took too seriously and perhaps provoke you to start a new hobby.

For no particular reason, other than the fact that I’m a newbie in the A – Z Blogger Challenge this year, I’ve produced an alphabetical list of hobbies, complete with links to some of the bloggers writing about them. Not all of the links are from A – Z Challenge participants, however. Some of them provide lists, so you can choose which entry is best for your own purposes. It’s my opportunity to be effectively human by building community and sharing knowledge and expertise, something the A – Z Blogger Challenge successfully does every year on a grand scale.

Hobbies of Interest

Ancestry , Blogging, Bonsai, Crochet, DogLover, Equestrian , Flash Fiction Writing, Gardening


Hosting Websites , Illustrator, Journaling , Knitting, LimerickWriter, Making Websites , Music, Nostalgia , Origami , Poetry


Quilting, Reading, Swimming, Tatting, Ukelele Players, Ventriloquist, Volunteering,


Watercolor , Writing, XylophonePlayer, Yo-yo Fun, Zoology

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