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Crazy, Obese Americans Share the Wealth with Government and Lobbyists

To be okay with government statistics that can clearly be refuted, is to 

accept a fate of government control.

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by M. J. Joachim

American Poll Results

Statistics unequivocally state that Americans are crazy, fat and lazy, not to mention spoiled rotten brats – the term I’m referring to is greedy. Power, money and ego – doesn’t really matter, Americans seek everything they can get apparently. Ever since I started reading this stuff, I began to wonder how a country like the United States of America could be so far gone. Our country by far has the most cases of diagnosed mental illness; we are in raging political battles – a power struggle that promises to make certain key players in the corporate landscape either rise or fall, including banks, media organizations, high ranking groups and members of the medical industry, even NOW and Planned Parenthood stand to lose big if things don’t go their way. Well, okay, they won’t exactly fall, but they might not have the home field advantage anymore either, depending on how things play out.

The questions must be asked. How do so many American people end up being documented for the polls? Who are the people being documented, who is doing the documenting and how does anyone know the statistics are accurate? Finally, who profits from these unseemly trends in American society?

Mind Games in America

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (a government organization), “Mental Disorders are common in the United States, and in a given year approximately one quarter of adults are diagnosable for one or more disorders.” I don’t know about you, but reading that 25% of America’s adult population is certifiably crazy is a little off the charts for me, particularly since common sense tells me there might be a conflict of interest between the statisticians and the general population. “Thus, notions of normality and abnormality may not be quite as accurate as people believe normality and abnormality are not universal,” states American psychologist, DavidRosenhan. He goes onto say, “As far as I can determine, diagnosis were in no way affected by the relative health of the circumstances of a pseudopatient’s  life. Rather, the reverse occurred: the perception of his circumstances was shaped entirely by the diagnosis,” states Rosenhan in his experiment which challenges and questions mental illness diagnoses and their validity.

Supersized and Crazy in America – NOT!

Obesity is big business that seeks to increase its profit share with America’s growing waist lines. “More than one-third of U. S. adults (35.7%) are obese,” states the Center for DiseaseControl and Prevention (another government organization, btw). Well that would certainly explain why we’re such head cases, wouldn’t it? And everyone knows how difficult it is to do anything when you’re overweight – lazy comes into play now too, along with greed, since we can’t seem to eat enough food to satisfy ourselves, and consequently must earn more to pay for it all…making big business all the richer, because they keep feeding all of us poor slobs who seem to have no self-control, common sense, self-worth or anything to make us step back and take care of ourselves anymore. Enter into play the medical industry, complete with treatments, pharmaceuticals and psychiatric counseling to help us overcome our weaknesses. Pay no mind to the money they make from helping us. Just continue relying on them to determine what your problems are and how you can solve them by enrolling in their programs, taking their pills, following their prescribed treatment plans and allowing yourself to be another number in their statistics hell bent on proving Americans have lost their minds, which ultimately turned into a feeding frenzy that contributed to them losing their waist lines.

But wait! The government is the one conducting these studies, thereby convincing us how dependent we are on them! Such a cruel twist of fate…when a government and certifiably greedy key players attempt to conquer the very people they were sworn to serve and protect from government tyranny and oppression!

I’m not saying there are no overweight people living in America. It doesn’t take a genius to see that a solid portion of the American population is fat – let’s just call it what it is and skip the sugar coating on this one, okay? However, according to those same statistics stated above, 64.3% of Americans are not obese, which doesn’t take into account how many of that same percentage are actively addressing their weight problems and working hard to add to the 64.3% of the rest of the general population. Do the math. America clearly has fat people here, but we are not in dire straits and we don’t need the government to step in and take control of our dietary consumption.

The implications of government interference in American lives are difficult to deny at best. The audacity of their fear tactics is maddening, and yes, I used that word on purpose. We should be considered mad and certifiably insane if we allow the government to dictate and convince us that 25% of adult Americans are certifiably mentally ill – many with multiple conditions. If we accept this propaganda at face value, we risk diminishing our capacity to actively function for ourselves. Let’s face it. Mental illness minimizes effective brain functionality. To be okay with government statistics that can clearly be refuted is to accept a fate of government control. It is to open the flood gates of giving up our personal dignity and God given human rights to think and act for ourselves, all in the name of letting the government determine what is best for us. We’re not there yet, good people, and it is our duty and responsibility never to go there. To be effectively human is to stand against what is wrong, in favor of what is right. That means opposing faulty claims that convince us to incapacitate ourselves. That means exercising self-discipline, common sense and reasonable responses to anyone and anything that would attempt to diminish our self-worth in the name of making profits off our demise.