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Natural Ways to Minimize the Effects of Asthma

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by M. J. Joachim

Asthma is often triggered when outside substances like pollen, mold and pollution invade the lungs. The lungs of people with asthma respond by having a negative reaction to things that irritate them, often swelling and decreasing their ability to inhale and exhale normally. 

Along with building lung strength through regular exercise, asthma sufferers can cleanse their lungs. You can strengthen and cleanse your lungs in different ways to minimize the effects of asthma, control your symptoms and manage your condition.

Build Lung Strength

Use straws when you drink: Inhaling liquid through a straw increases lung strength by working muscles used to inhale air. You can improve breathing skills by practicing it in different ways. As you inhale liquid through a straw, you force your throat and mouth to respond, while holding your breath. This works your lungs and upper respiratory track.

Sing:  Singing increases lung strength, especially when you have to hold those long notes. Lung strength builds not only by holding notes, but also by singing in different octaves. Your lungs have to reach for the correct pitch, and the fluctuation of pitches in songs give them aerobic workout that bounces the air in a myriad of ways, making it acclimate to the current situation, thereby increasing breathing endurance.

Exercise: Building lung strength requires the use of your lungs. Keep your inhaler with you, and take baby steps by all means. Work closely with your doctor to come up with an exercise program that increases lung strength, building steadily on your progress. Regular exercise not only minimizes problems from asthma, but it also improves overall health.

Eat a Healthy Diet: The food you eat matters, not only to minimize asthma problems, but also to maintain optimum health. Avoid foods that increase weight gain and decrease energy. Excess weight minimizes your ability to breathe correctly, especially if you have asthma. Limit junk food that is overloaded with useless calories and choose to eat real food that maximizes your body’s ability to function properly.

Cleanse Your Lungs

~Walk on the Beach. Salt water has cleansing effects for people with asthma. Walking improves lung strength. If you live near the ocean, take advantage of this natural way to cleanse your lungs.

~Infuse Steam. Boil salt water and add a clove of garlic to it. Hold a towel over your head as you breathe in the infused steam. Garlic has antiseptic qualities that will help your body fight secondary infection, and build immunities. Chest tightness gets loosened, often causing coughing when you breathe steam. The coughing indicates that your lungs are working, as they loosen phlegm allowing air to circulate freely again.

~Use Saline Solution in Breathing Apparatus Machines. You don’t always have to use medicine in your breathing machine. Cleanse your lungs by using only saline solution in your machine, inhaling the mist to keep the air circulating effectively. Saline solution, like salty air, cleanses your lungs, making it easier for them to function.

Living with asthma can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. You can improve your lung function by building lung strength and minimizing the effects of irritants. This involves exercising, eating right, losing excess weight and cleansing your lungs, particularly when you are exposed to excess irritants. Work closely with your doctor to monitor your asthma symptoms and minimize their effects on your overall health.