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Pro-Life Profiles

The Pro-Life Profiles category on Effectively Human will highlight the lives of those people who work tirelessly, defending life from conception to natural death. Visitors will meet those who stand on the front lines, engaging in politics, defending the rights of people in legal battles, praying near abortion clinics, holding vigil outside death row and striving to promote and add their voice to all people who die at the hands of others.

As we do in our Humanitarian Biographies category, Pro-Life Profiles will also provide detailed articles about pro-life groups and organizations, sharing information about what they do, how to volunteer and get involved, and contact information to assist them in their efforts to defend life in all its stages. 

If you know of an organization or individual who deserves to be recognized in Effectively Human’s Pro-Life Profiles category, please send your request to:  

Include a brief write-up, highlighting important information, as well as contact information, pictures and a video if available. Please note: Effectively Human reserves the right to refuse publication of any article, for any reason, at any time. 

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