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Life Beyond the Football Field with Tim Tebow

"I want my legacy to be with the kids that I impacted, not with the football fields that I played on.” Tim Tebow

by M. J. Joachim

In the face of insurmountable odds, Bob and Pam Tebow braced themselves, placing their fate and that of their unborn child in the hands of God. By all accounts, their youngest son Tim would not survive his mother’s pregnancy, and her own chances for survival appeared threatened. Severe illness struck Pam while she was pregnant with Tim Tebow, born August 14, 1987 in the Philippines, where his parents worked as missionaries. Trusting and believing in the gift of life and each person’s potential, Bob and Pam never wavered from their faith, opting to trust God that their child’s life had a purpose, and their role was to embrace God’s plan.

Such were the humble beginnings of a future NFL football star, and while his amazing career on the football field is more than worthy of note, it’s also what Tim Tebow does off the field that earns him recognition as a prolife role model, setting an example and perhaps casting a shadow of shame on those around him. Football for Tim, after all, is a childhood dream being fulfilled; it is also the platform he uses to share his faith with others, be a role model for kids and inspire everyone to live peacefully and do good works. Tim has been given the world’s gift of fame and popularity; he uses it as a stepping stone to make the world a better place.

Tim Tebow Foundation

The mission statement of Tim Tebow’s Foundation says it all, “The Foundation utilizes the public platform that God has blessed Tim Tebow with to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives throughout the world.” Relying on the instruction of St. Paul to the Philippians, the Tim Tebow Foundation promotes basic, human core values to serve and share peace with the world.

Partnering with organizations that grant dying wishes to children, provide hope and services to children suffering from curable illnesses throughout the world and supporting orphanages in the home where he was bornthe Philippines, the Tim Tebow Foundation seeks to make the world a brighter place, especially for those affected by the darkness in their midst.

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