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Social Issues & Concerns

Visitors to the Social Issues & Concerns category on Effectively Human, will find topics about a wide range of things including hunger, homelessness, institutionalizing people, trafficking people, profiting from the abuse of individuals or entire groups of people, as well as a host of other things that consistently plague our society, thereby making it less than dignified for individual persons, and indeed everyone in it.

Effectively Human’s Social Issues & Concerns category will explore group-think mentalities responsible for segregation, bullying, prejudice and abuse.  This site recognizes that anytime a person or group of people is singled out, whereby a separate group-think mentality takes charge, society has a right to be concerned about the fundamental principles undermined by such negative and inappropriate behaviors.

Aside from exposing the problems and discussing their harm, participants in Effectively Human’s Social Issues & Concerns category will be expected to join the conversation, thereby promoting a positive force, where people can brainstorm together about solutions, and strive to make the world a better place, by joining forces and working together for the good of society. 

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