Infanticide: The Killing of Our Babies in America

Infanticide happens in America, and an extremely powerful and well-funded group of pro-choice advocates work tirelessly, so it can become the law of the land.

by M. J. Joachim

As recently as 2009, a bill was proposed by Jessica Farrar in the United States Congress. Her goal was to alleviate some of the psychological turmoil of women suffering from post-partum depression – or so she indicated in her efforts to defend Texas SB3318, which would define infanticide as less of a crime than homicide, reducing the charge of murder and its penalty for people killing infants in that state. In essence, if this becomes the law of the land, penalty for killing babies is limited to two years, which in many instances can be reduced down to six months.

Texas is the first state to propose and take steps to pass such a bill. However, such a bill opens the floodgates for other states to follow suit. Pro-choice advocates are well-prepared to wage the battle against our children, dismissing it and opting out of the reality being presented before us.  President Obama has defended infanticide for years. Among some of his well-known reasons for doing so…doctor’s prerogative, religious issue, doesn’t violate any universal principle. Before he was president, Barack Obama voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act three times. In other words, he was in favor of letting babies born alive, be literally shelved and left to die – out of sight, out of mind…

Yes, this is definitely mind boggling when children born in the United States of America can be born alive in a hospital, taken to another (disposal) room, placed on a shelf, left to die and delivered to the morgue upon their demise. These same children are issued birth and death certificates. It seems probable funerals and burial services are not rendered for them.

Out of sight, out of mind…

Most of us don’t want to think about the dirty deeds taking place, things we would never partake in or support. And yet, it is exactly this mentality that prevents such practices from being exposed and eradicated from our society. “Not in America,” is not an acceptable response. Infanticide happens here, and an extremely powerful and well-funded group of pro-choice advocates work tirelessly, so it can become the law of the land. Blind ignorance is not a reasonable excuse for “civilized” medical professions, keen politicians and selfish “pro-choice” individuals to impose their demands on the rest of us, especially when those demands result in the killing of our babies!

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