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"Effectively Human will explore and discover humanity—the best of it, the worst of it and everything in between."

Welcome to Effectively Human, a website dedicated to human dignity and the preservation of life. Visitors to this site can count on one thing when they come here, that human life will be honored, respected, nurtured and nourished through these pages.

Effectively Human will explore and discover humanity—the best of it, the worst of it and everything in between. This site is about people, their triumphs, failures, worries, frustrations, relationships, lifestyles, hopes and dreams. It is pro-life, anti-prejudice, and guaranteed to raise some eyebrows.

After all, if everyone is right, then no one has a reason to disagree with anyone else in the first place. Oh yes! Opinions will be formed, debated and maybe even changed. That’s not the ultimate goal, however. The real goal of Effectively Human is to celebrate life from beginning to end, with the hope of making a positive difference in our world. 

How You Can Be Effectively Human Too

What does it mean to be effectively human? It means building someone up, instead of tearing them down, showing true compassion, without a hint of contempt, disgust or selfishness, helping someone gaze at the sky, instead of shoving their face in the ground. The means of this site, Effectively Human, simply provides articles, videos, contact information and tools for you, the visitor. They are not meant to be a means to an end, but rather empowering elements that inspire you and everyone you meet to rise up to the call of all people, to be effective in your own humanness, and be effectively human in your own right.

Being effectively human is as simple as making a pact with yourself to help any elderly person you see struggling, regardless of when and where it happens. Making a point to donate to food drives is another way to be effectively human, but don't stop there. Help get the word out, so lots of other people donate too. Use your personal business, creative and networking strengths to imprint an effectively positive and powerful impact on the lives of those throughout your community and beyond.

Start your own Effectively Human group. Use whatever means works best for you; take the world by storm, cheer on its people, build them up and promote dignity and respect for all people. Effectively Human is about celebrating the gift of life. Every celebration needs lots of guests to be a true success. Please join the party and celebrate life in your community and beyond.

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